Monday, 3 October 2011

when is the best time to invest in unit trust?

when is the best time to invest?

Anybody wondering, when is it the best time to invest in unit trust? 

As we know nilai dalam stock market ada pasang surut nya. It's very volatile and fluctuate. Takkan pernah ade nilai dalam stock is always goes up. right? so when is the best time to start invest? the answer is NO PERFECT TIME. There's no perfect time to invest in unit trust. However, it's a bonus if u buy when the market going down. Tapi most of us, ramai yang panic bile market start jatuh, semua start utk sell all their funds. So, ini blh menyebab kan mereka semua menjual pada harga rendah dan blh membuat kan mereka menjadi lebih rugi.

In which, ironically, the best time to buy funds when the market really going down, and sells when the market going up.Why is it so?

When we invest in unit trust,  we buying UNITS. Hence the name unit trust anyway. So, we actually keep collecting our units year by year. So, jangan sesekali get confuse, because the money u invest selalu nya tak sama dgn the number of your units in your funds. So, kesimpulannya, bila anda memberli dgn harga rendah, u get a lot more units. right? and if sell when the market's high, u get more profits.

Lagi satu cara yang bagus utk invest around this volatility of stock market, menggunakan "dollar cost averaging". What it means is, kekerapan anda utk top up ur investment by buy units regularly.  Cth EPF, membolehkan kita utk withdraw from KWSP setiap 3 bulan utk top up our 1st investment.

And bila market going down, take FULL action by buy more units as u'll get more for less!

and once reached target anda, SELL!! when market's in a GOOD MOOD  :D

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