Sunday, 6 November 2011

set savings target and live within means!

if a person wants to be able to spend RM1000 sebulan dalam masa 20 tahun  period persaraan, dia KENA accumulate RM322,475, simpan about RM410 sebulan untuk 33 tahun!!!!!!!!! 

ok, itu blh kita amek dari EPF as RM410 a monthly deducted. but the question is, 
utk spend RM1000 sebulan during our retirement????????? 

and the most important question, adakah sama the value of RM1000 for the next 20 years dgn the value RM1000 sekarang?? apa yg blh kita beli with RM1000, 20years later??

even sekarang kita da rase kenaikan inflation rate yang rata-rata, byk antara pekerja yang even ada pangkat tinggi2, masih rasa tak mampu nak mengharungi masalah inflation nih!

kebanyakkan fresh grads, orang yang da bekerja hampir 30 tahun,  masih lagi tak mampu nak lari dari masalah inflaasi. tgk je increment gaji pekerja VS kadar kenaikan harga barang sekarang? minyak naik, harga barang mentah poon naik, even harga tiket FAM naik pooooon jadi isu BESAR rakyat? and you think it caused by what???  blh bayang ape jadi for the next 10-15 years??

that is why, EPF even suggest to phased EPF withdrawals for a better options. 
so, phased part of ur money in UNIT TRUST!
start ur EPF investment in Unit Trust by only using part of ur Acc 1 EPF balance.

dgn kadar risiko yang rendah dan pulangan yang baik setiap tahun, kita semua mungkin terlepas dari financial problems in our Golden Age. 

always remember, with inflation and medical costs going up, you MUST NOT want to sacrifice your holidays in your retirement age.

the advice: 
 for people to continue working as long as they can be productive, stay healthy and start savings from young to take care of the future.

10years is not as long as you think.
 One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure its worth watching!

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