Saturday, 8 October 2011

Low risk,good return with Public Mutual unit trust

Yes,tgk tajuk pon menarik kan?what kind of investment yan blh bagi 
"low risk, good return"??

 It only happen IF AND ONLY IF u start put some savings/investment in Public Mutual. Tak menjadi masalah langsung kalau u all semua tade cash utk memulakan pelaburan, sbb semua problem pelanggan,  Public Mutual telah pon manage. 

so if you got no cash. go for KWSP!

ya man!

KWSP/EPF allowed you to pull some of the money in it from acc 1 (KWSP)  to start invest in Public Mutual. This is so TRUE!!! anda blh mengeluarkan sebahagian dari simpanan KWSP anda untuk memulakan simpanan/pelaburan dalam Public Mutual unit trust. 

Untuk mengetahu lebih lanjut mengenai how to start your invest ment with KWSP, click sini!

Keuntugan dalam unit trust Public Mutual adalah SANGAT2 jauh berbeza kerana anda blh mendapat divident kira-kira 10-20% setahun. Hebat bukan?

so, how to know the money will be double dalam satu satu masa?
EASY, i give you formula hebat, RULES 72

CTH : If u invest... let's say, RM100,000. and you want to know, how many years the money will be doubled if u take approximately 12% dividend every year?
use the rules 72 method, 

72/12 = 6

so it takes 6 years for the money to be doubled (RM200,000)
then it will continue every 6 years utk the money to be double,
(400 k=12 years)
(800k=18 years!)

seeee???? what kind of investment can give you that such amount of money WITHOUT doing anything?????

that's why the RICH PEOPLE getting richer and richer. They keep investing and on and on and on.

This is the mentality that we should put in our mind! 
always think how to make your money works for you.

Be one of them! start invest with your KWSP. At least when u retire, u can enjoy ur GOLDEN AGE wit something in your pocket.

come!let's  join us.
Put some savings, and LET IT GROW!!!!

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Adelena Asykn
your Unit Trust Consultant for Public Mutual

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