Saturday, 23 April 2011

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I used to read this book. it's a really good 1. the author is Robert T kiyosaki. It really makes me think that, in the world, we dont really need to work really hard for the whole life to get what we what. We dont really need a good grade to be on top of the world. we just have to be creative. creative to use every single aspect in our lives to generate more income/money. kan?

so ape yang di highlight oleh Mr Robert nih is, ASSET and LIABILITY

Sejauh mane kefahaman kite about asset and liability,  simply look up the words "asset" and "liability" dalam kamus. Asset adalah something yang you puts $ the pocket. Liability pulak, something that takes $ out of the pocket. Ini yang kite semua kena aware,sbb Mr Robert ckp, if you want to be rich, beli lah asset sbyk mana yang kita mahu, tapi kalau you want to be poor or middle class, spend your life buying liabilities. Hmm....

so, here's some interesting knowledge yang i sgt suke from that call income statement and balance sheet.

Mr Robert cipta 1 rumusan spt dalam pic diatas: for the income statement the line is horizontal, and for the balance sheet the line is vertical.

Dalam income statement, ade earned income, passive income, and portfolio income (dividends, interest, rental income, royalties). Bawah of the income statement are taxes ("work for government"), ownership-related expenses (mortgage payments, real property taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities), and other expenses  (fixed expenses, food, clothing, fun).
Sebelah kiri pulak as u can c are asset yang mane ini blh CREATE income -- cth nyer ur biz, stocks, bond, mutual funds, income-generating real estate, notes, atau harta intelek. In the right pulak is liabilitie which create more expenses - loans, credit cards, or mortgage.  

Poor Dad ckp kat Mr Robert : Robert Robert, pegi lah sekolah, dapat kan results cemerlang, and concenctrate utk  dapatkan keja yg secure.


RICH DAD ckp : Robert Robert,   orang kaya tidak bekerja utk duit, TAPI duit mereka BEKERJA utk mereka. In other word, cocentrate in passive income, and portfolio income, mcm yang dalam income sheet.meaning to say, passive income being FASTER. tapi utk orang yang earned income, is like u earned to pay taxes. Conclusion, u earned income the most, passive income the least.

Buku ini jelas menerangkan, pendapatan org miskin hanya tertakluk kepada membayar beban perbelanjaan harian. For middle class people pulak, lebih kepada perbelanjaan harian, DAN TAX dimana tax nih pulak same kenaikan dgn gaji masing2. meaning, makin besar gaji seseorg, makin besar cukai yg dikenakan yang mane akan menambah "liabilities" in the balance sheet.
for rich ppl, they purchases something that can give them income producing. which is....
with less rise in expenses or liabilities.  

 Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money--That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

sape2 yang suke membace i suggest, grab this book if u belum bace lagi ok! :)


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